You should setup NX Bar properly


  • 1.Easy to use. The whitening device is designed with ultrasonic technology and unique innovative features such as U-shaped brush heads. It takes only half a minute to complete a full-scale brushing action and free your hands.
  • 2.Powerful cleaning. The use of magnetic levitation motor, has a strong cleaning power, removes into the dental plaque, care for dental health, make the teeth more white.
  • 3.Quick whitening. The tooth brush has low temperature blue light close to the tooth surface, which make your teeth more beautiful and have your teeth a spa.
  • 4.No allergy material. It uses high-transmittance silicone U-shaped toothbrush, which is safe and secure to use. With the human body biting engineering, it can be used repeatedly for waterproofing and cleaning to ensure the health of teeth.
  • 5.Wireless Charging. wireless charging mode. A charge of 10 minutes, can live for more than 20 days, truly energy saving and environmental protection.
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